The words ‘mass extinction event’ are not something we want to hear much less experience in our lifetime. The most famous mass extinction event is the Cretaceous – Tertiary (K.T.) extinction, also known as the end of the dinosaurs.  It is believed that an asteroid barreled into Earth and caused an ‘impact winter’ resulting in the death of 71-81% of all species. However, would you be surprised to learn that the Earth has been through five mass extinction events in the past and we are currently in the beginning of the sixth?  According to scientific evidence, these mass extinctions are due to changes in the carbon cycle.  Many biologists suggest we are at the beginning of an anthropogenic (human caused) mass extinction that is accelerating at an alarming rate and caused by the global concentration of greenhouse gases directly related to human activity.  Species are going extinct one thousand times faster than the normal rate, and it is possible that if current trends continue we will lose 50% of all species in one hundred years or so.20140605_im01

Racing Extinction” is a documentary by Director Louie Psihoyos (of the Academy Award® winning documentary “The Cove”) that aired recently on the Discovery Channel. A team of artists and activists used state-of-the-art equipment with the intent of showing never-before-seen images that expose issues of endangered species and mass extinction.  The film takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster through the use of incredibly beautiful and eye-opening images.  Although things may look bleak one of the film’s messages is hope, and it encourages viewers to #StartWith1Thing to make the world a better place.

With the new COP21 agreement pushing for lower greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming, it is as important as ever to take action. By taking part in Dream in Green’s WE-LAB workshops, you will start a journey that commits you to making changes to improve your life and all life on the planet, yet there is always more you can do.  Check out the film and website to learn more and find out different ways you can help.  Some challenges are as simple as skipping meat for a day or signing a pledge.  I promise you will be newly inspired to take action after watching ‘Racing Extinction,’ just like I was!

If you cannot view the whole film, enjoy this interactive story with clips