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  • Dream in Green (DIG) launched The Dream in Green® Academy (The Academy) as a platform that promotes collaboration with other community organizations to introduce environmental education programs to K-12 schools in South Florida.

    The Academy builds on the success of the Green Schools Challenge (GSC), DIG’s flagship program, by leveraging its established framework for delivering educational programming to elementary, middle and high school students.

Our Programs

  • Green Schools Challenge
    Green Schools Challenge

    The Green Schools Challenge is a whole-system program that engages students in hands-on activities to save energy and water at school and teaches them about the links between natural resources, climate change and community sustainability. Participants receive a guidebook with educational activities focused on the following monthly topics: energy efficiency and conservation, waste reduction and recycling, water quality and conservation, alternative transportation, green living (buildings and careers), and food efficiency. It serves as the entry level program of The Academy in which participants learn the basics of sustainability and build the foundation for a green school.

    After a school has actively participated for two or more years in the Green Schools Challenge, they are eligible to enroll in our WE-LAB Schools ‘graduate’ program.

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    WE-LAB Program

    The Water and Energy, Learning and Behavior (WE-LAB) program is also offered through The Academy. As a community, we can take concrete steps to change water and energy use patterns and reduce our regional greenhouse gas emissions. Through educational workshops, classroom learning, on-line community forums, and interactive tools, WE-LAB seeks to motivate community wide water/energy-saving behaviors and foster long-term environmental stewardship through money-saving actions. We offer a limited number of free WE-LAB workshops to participating schools. Please email to schedule a workshop and receive a toolkit which includes energy-efficient light bulbs, low flow shower heads and more!

  • 2017-2018 Report Card

    The report card summarizes Dream in Green’s impact through the Green Schools Challenge, Water & Energy Learning and Behavior (WE-LAB), and Green Leadership Grants programs.

  • 2015-2016 Success Stories

    This booklet highlights Dream in Green’s winning schools and students’ accomplishments.


Get Your School Started

  • The Academy 2017-2018 Training Video
    If your school is enrolled in  The Academy watch the training video to get you started with program implementation.


  • Applications 2017-2018

    Note: The enrollment period has ended.

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  • Young Voices on Climate Change

    With your involvement, you can help K-12 students understand the importance of environmental stewardship, reduce our carbon footprint, and ensure a more sustainable world that we can all thrive in. The projects they complete each month and the leadership skills they develop along the way, have a long-lasting impact at the school, in our community, and in their prospective professional careers.

  • Greening Schools One Student at a Time

    Nick Gunia, founder and past Chair of the Board of Directors for Dream in Green, explains his journey from the corporate dream to his “dream in green”, and how what appeared as a complex problem had a simple solution: children as the agents of change for a better, more sustainable world.                                                                                                                                        Check out his TED Talk!

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