Hey Miami-Dade residents!

It’s a new year and it’s time to nurture new, healthy habits. Why not resolve to help improve the environment? One simple way to jump-start your efforts is by remembering to recycle your cartons. All of your favorite food and beverage cartons can live on, long after their contents are gone. This includes cartons you use everyday – milk, orange juice, or creamer cartons that go into the refrigerator, along with non-refrigerated cartons like children’s juice boxes, soup broth, soy milk, or protein drinks.


It’s easy: just put your clean, empty cartons into your blue recycling bin along with your bottles and cans. When you recycle cartons, you give them a new life as paper products you use everyday, like toilet paper and tissues. Once you recycle your cartons, they are separated from other materials to be processed in a recycling facility. The fiber in the cartons is then turned into pulp with a hydrapulper (think giant kitchen blender), which in turn is made into these new products.

We’re working with The Carton Council of America to make sure all Miami-Dade County residents know that they can and should recycle their cartons. Start the New Year off right! Help us spread the word to your friends and family.

Sign up at CartonLivesOnMiami.org and as a thank you, the Carton Council will send you a FREE recycling magnet to put up on your fridge to remind you which cartons are recyclable. As an extra thank you, you will also be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Once you sign up, you will receive recycling tips and get a chance to enter contests to win more prizes.

Let’s keep doing the right thing – keep those cartons out of the trash and recycle them!

Thank you! – The Carton Council