Dream in Green’s 6th annual Design & Build Competition unfolded in March 2024 at Brickell City Centre, uniting over 15 local high schools in a showcase of their innovative 3-D physical models. These models, crafted by student teams, depicted designs for green spaces that embody resilience and sustainability. This public event was co-hosted by Swire Properties, a prominent South Florida real estate developer deeply committed to sustainable design and green building practices. Henry Bott, President of Swire Properties, emphasized, “Sustainable design and green building practices are essential for our environment and the long-term success of our communities. Through our partnership with Dream in Green, we seek to inspire and educate youth to embrace sustainable solutions and effect positive change in the world.”

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the Design and Build competition tasked student participants with envisioning enhancements for the Village Green, integrating sustainable and resilient design elements. Nestled on Brickell Key, developed by Swire Properties, the Village Green serves as a multifaceted park, providing vital open green space for the community.

The student-crafted models showcased adaptation strategies crucial for planning Miami’s future, reflecting the knowledge students have gained. The participating high school students received invaluable mentorship from Florida International University (FIU). Through a longstanding partnership with the Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design department at FIU, students were guided by experts in the field, enriching their understanding of sustainable design principles and urban planning concepts. This mentorship further empowered students to develop innovative solutions for creating resilient and environmentally conscious green spaces within their communities.

Drawing over 100 attendees, the event was promoted to the public through a partnership with the Miami Center for Architecture & Design (MCAD) as part of its inaugural Open House Miami 2024 initiative. Open House Miami contributes to a global endeavor to foster openness, accessibility, and equity in urban environments, offering residents and visitors unique perspectives and insights.

Each design underwent evaluation by a panel of judges comprising local architecture firms, professors from Florida International University, and engineering professionals. Congratulations to the winners!

1st Place Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

2nd Place Dr Michael Krop Senior High School

3rd Place Saint Brendan High School

Special Merit Hialeah Senior High School