Grants for Green Leadership Program

    Green Leadership Grants

    Grants for Green Leadership: Students Implement Change

    This program makes mini grants available to elementary, middle and high school students participating in the 2014-2015 Green Schools Challenge (GSC) and Water and Energy Learning and Behavior (WE-LAB) programs.


    About the Program

    From October through April, Dream in Green offers mini-grants of $300 each to support Green Team Monthly Challenge activities. The choice of activities are proposed in the GSC/WE-LAB Guidebook but schools may create their own project in relation to the environmental topic of the month.

    The goals of this program are:

      • to support GSC/WE-LAB schools in creating projects that promote environmental sustainability,
      • to empower and develop student leaders through green initiatives at their school, and
      • to develop long-term behavioral change.


    Are you from an elementary, middle or high school that is participating in the Green Schools Challenge?

    Be creative and send us a one page proposal of the green project you would like to develop and implement at your school. You may also choose from the five activities proposed in your GSC Guidebook for each Monthly Challenge.
    October – Energy Efficiency and Conservation
    November – Waste Reduction and Recycling
    December – Water Conservation
    January – Alternative Transportation
    February  Green Building
    March  Green Careers
    April – Eco-Summit

    To be eligible:

      • Schools must be enrolled in the Green Schools Challenge or WE-LAB.
      • Applications must be written and sent by the school’s student Green Team (CC. the school’s GSC teacher champion) – for participating elementary, middle and high schools.
      • Applications must include a 1-page narrative which includes a brief description of the project idea, project timeline, outcomes and a budget.
      • Applications must include the team leader’s contact information
      • Applications must be prepared by students from the school’s Green Team.


    Email or fax your proposal to Karla / fax 786-472-4128