Last week, Dream in Green’s staff toured Waste Management’s recycling facilities in Pembroke Pines. To our surprise, it was an eye-opening experience. Many of us think that because we recycle we are doing the right thing. However, that depends on the items we recycle and their condition.


Garden hose = NOT recyclable

IMG_3572 - Copy

The facility has to be shut down to remove tangled plastic bags


We spotted some items (garden hoses, clothes, cooking pan, toys, yard trimmings, etc.) that cannot be recycled. Therefore it is important to do research and find out what items are accepted by the company that provides your recycling services. Here are some tips:

    • Items must be clean and not have food residue on them (this decreases the market value)
    • No other plastics except bottle-necked plastics are accepted (i.e. laundry detergent, milk or juice gallons, water and soda bottles)
    • Do not place items in a plastic bag (they get tangled around the star screen) and do not include plastic bags as a recyclable item
Check out pictures from our tour and a list of companies and stores that accept all sorts of items.