On April 24 Robert Morgan Educational Center celebrated Earth Day 2014 by hosting a school-wide Eco-Summit. The celebration, held during the students’ lunch period, helped to raise awareness about actions that protect the environment.

The school’s Green Team, the Science National Honor Society (SNHS), received a $500 grant through Dream in Green’s Green Leadership program in support of this event. Specifically for this event, they created

  • banners and posters containing environmental messages,
  • printed T-shirts for their members,
  • bought paint for their hand painting stand,
  • gave out fruit samples from local vendors,
  • created a butterfly garden, and
  • purchased reusable tote bags for the school staff.

The event kicked off with a flash mob that rose from the center of the school courtyard and gained momentum as the students gathered around to enjoy the dance performance. When the flash mob ended, the school’s orchestra band then took over with an exploding musical performance of Nina Simone’s song ‘Feeling Good.’

The Green Team’s efforts and performances helped to raise awareness of environmental issues and shine the light on the importance of Earth Day. Student members of SNHS strongly believe that every student can make a difference in this world as environmental stewards.

Robert Morgan Educational Center was recently notified that they were the 1st place winner of the BrandsMart USA Premio Verde Escolar by Univision. This award recognizes schools for their exceptional on-going work of integrating school-wide activities that educate youth on the importance of protecting the environment. Univision will be producing a video of the schools’ green initiatives, including its completion of Monthly Challenge activities as part of Dream in Green’s Green Schools Challenge.