On April 25 E.W.F. Stirrup Elementary celebrated Arbor Day at their annual school Eco-Summit, the final activity of the Green Schools Challenge (GSC).

The Eco-Summit kicked-off with a tree planting ceremony and included facility staff, teachers, students, the school Principal, Dr. Hernandez, as well as special guests from Perris Ellis and Dream inGreen. This year, the event featured a unique performance by Pre-K students as they sang ‘We Planted a Tree” to end the ceremony.

This annual celebration was spearheaded by GSC teacher champion, Ms. Jenkins. During the ceremony, students involved in S.T.E.A.M made presentations of their work that they had done for the GSC’s Monthly Challenges during the year. Stirrup’s extraordinary green initiatives created throughout the year by the school’s Green Team were displayed at the event to allow all students and school staff to learn about environmental sustainability solutions.

Thank you E.W.F Stirrup Elementary for inviting Dream in Green to be part of your 2014 Eco-Summit.