Dream in Green is commissioning a study for its flagship program, the Green Schools Challenge (GSC). The proposed study, Green Schools Challenge: Evidence-based Practices, will conduct in-depth research and theoretical evaluation to understand the influence the program has on school staff and students’ understanding of the effects of climate change on human health and the environment, behavioral changes, empowerment and leadership building. Understanding this influence is crucial to improve the effectiveness of the GSC and continue to lessen the risks associated with climate change. The program is now reaching 115 schools in Miami-Dade County (MDC), over 10,000 students and 1,000 school staff members in Green Teams. Indirectly, the program reaches more than 100,000 students and 10,000 school staff. The program continues to be a practice-based with no in-depth evaluation. This study will allow DIG to make the GSC an evidence-based program by implementing an evaluation model for comprehensive testing of knowledge.


Dream in Green is looking for a partner, either a college or University, to help DIG successfully complete the study. The partnering organization will be the guiding arm of DIG and will provide technical advice to the research team with the following activities:

  • Conduct needs assessment through which needs of the stakeholders and objectives are identified
  • Complete a  pre-assessment through which base-line data are collected
  • Knowledge of evaluation models, particularly the GEM model
  • Designing assessment tools
  • Conducting systematic reviews and evaluation of data through quantitative and qualitative methodologies to determine the effectiveness of the program.
  • Experience with creating a robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan following completion of the study


12 months

Submission Procedure

If interested,  send a cover letter  to Karla Utting (gro.neergnimaerdnull@alrak) outlining the strengths of your organization/Department to conduct this type of research study and propose a budget for the activities outlined above.

A solidification of this joint venture will be established via a Memorandum of Understanding and a Letter of Agreement will be signed prior to the start of any funded initiative.


August 28, 2015