The Phosphorus Challenge

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The Heart of a Watershed

Lesson Plan

Heart of a Watershed Lesson Plan

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Background Powerpoint

The Heart of a Watershed PowerPoint

Present this PowerPoint to students explaining the history of the Everglades


Student Worksheets

Answers for Teachers

Question of Quality

The Phosphorus Challenge

Modeled off of the George Barley Water Prize, The Phosphorus Challenge asks students to create a short video outlining phosphorus pollution in the Everglades, current technology in place to address the issue and the local impacts to individuals and communities.

A total of $4,500 will be distributed among winners of the challenge.

Are you ready to compete in the Phosphorus Challenge?

  • Students attend a high school enrolled in The Academy
  • Complete and submit The Heart of the Watershed activity
  • Complete and submit A Question of Quality activity

Additional Resources

  • George Barley Water Prize

    To find a solution to nutrient pollution, The Everglades Foundation introduced The George Barley Water Prize. Over four years of competition, the Barley Prize will convene scientists, inventors, universities and municipalities to find a cost-effective technology. The Barley Prize will award $10 million to the team that creates a breakthrough in phosphorous removal. For more information on the state of the competition visit their website.

  • The Everglades Foundation

    Their mission “is dedicated to protecting and restoring America’s Everglades. This unique ecosystem provides economic, recreational and life-sustaining benefits to the millions of people in Florida who depend on its future health.” For more information on The Everglades Foundation and their important work visit their website.