The Water and Energy Learning and Behavior Program (WE-LAB), linked to the Green Schools Challenge, is being implemented in 25 public and private schools seeking advanced sustainability curriculum focused on the Water/Energy Nexus. Students have learned about the significance of protecting the watershed, built model aquifers, and created water savings public service announcements through the implementation of monthly challenge projects with the schoolsÂ’ green teams. In April, WE-LAB Schools will be hosting Eco-Summits to share their achievements and to be recognized for their accomplishments during the school year.

In order to reach teachers, administrators and parents, WE-LAB Workshops are being held at schools to provide engaging science-based, Water-Energy Nexus information which explains how decreasing the demand for energy and water can positively affect air quality and improve the water supply. To date, 39 Workshops reaching 1,124 households have been held which have resulted in savings of nearly 2.5 million gallons of water (equivalent to 44,960 loads of laundry a year) and 548,512 kWh of electricity (equivalent to 473 years of running a refrigerator); an emissions reduction of 837,380  Co2 (equivalent to 73 years of taking one car off the road); and $84,300 in money saved which equals 21,075 cups of coffee.

To host a WE-LAB workshop or have staff speak to your neighborhood or business, contact WE-LAB Program Manager Maggie Fernandez at gro.neergnimaerdnull@eiggam.