Dream in Green (DIG) is pleased to announce the appointment of new Board officers including Ms. Jenny May serving as Chair of the Board of Directors, Ms. Allie Miles serving as Vice-Chair, Mr. Gabriel Coelho serving as Secretary and Mr. Matt Flax who continues to serve as Treasurer. Their terms started October 08, 2014.

Perspective from Board officers: why they are committing their time and talent to serve Dream in Green (DIG)?

Jenny May has been involved with DIG since 2008. She serves as Chair of DIG for the sole purpose of improving the quality of life in Miami.  Jenny believes that committing to living and working green must be instilled in our future generations and recently stated that”the future is our children and we must continue to educate them about the positive aspects of sustainability.” She is a dedicated environmentalist who serves on several boards including Dream in Green, USGBC South Florida Chapter, Girl Scouts of Tropical South Florida, and the Coral Gables Green Task Force.

Allie Miles believes that each young mind in our community is a future stakeholder in our local and global environment. She serves as Vice-Chair to be able to support DIG’s mission of allowing students to put concepts into practice and infuse sustainability concepts into core curriculum. Allie believes that DIG translates education into an immediate, direct financial benefit for participating schools. In the process, students learn to work together toward a common goal, exemplify leadership and environmental stewardship.  “That’s a win-win-win. Those same students will grow up to be our future community and business leaders.  Who wouldn’t want to be part of a program like that?,” said Allie. She is passionate about tackling environmental issues and not only serves DIG but is also affiliated to the National Association of Environmental Professionals.

Matt Flax has served as DIG Board Treasurer for four years, and continues to serve because he feels it is important for the children of our generation to learn how to be sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. He believes that teaching young kids energy efficient habits early on in their lives is something they will be able to take with them and pass on to others as they get older.  Matt said that he “feel(s) privileged to be a part of this organization and our mission to make the planet a healthier and safer place for the future.”

Gabriel Coelho became involved with DIG to collaborate with a dedicated and established organization committed to bringing education and awareness of environmental issues to the larger community. DIG’s history and success focusing on education and children deserves support and assistance by all individuals thinking about the future. “I hope to assist in the extraordinary efforts taken by the organization each and every year,” said Gabriel.

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