Dream in Green joined forces with tomorrow’s local leaders and today’s experts to create “Smart Growth” communities in the face of Climate Change.


Tropical Audubon Society and like-minded partners hosted a one-day environmental leadership charrette on June 21, 2014 at The Light Box in the trendy Wynwood Arts District.


Focused on highlighting the difference between resiliency and sustainability the charrette invited Miamians to shape a vision that will deliver innovative solutions to some of the most relevant and imminent threats of our time: rising seas, diminishing resources and an increasing population.


The sessions also presented current practices around the country, looking into regional planning efforts, and showcasing the best global practices that Miami could adopt.


By dividing Miami-Dade County into six focus areas, the charrette groups identified priorities and crafted sustainable and resilient practices for their respective communities.  


With 220 people in attendance it was a house full of energy, ideas and civic engagement at its finest! #ResilientMiami #LeadOnEnvironment