WE-LAB is a collaboration between Dream in Green, Miami-Dade County and various cities in Broward County to build awareness on how water and energy are interrelated, empowering each of us to make informed decisions regarding water and energy use. The program is made available through various partnerships including Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department and Solid Waste Management.

About the program

WE-LAB focuses on delivering urgent and highly relevant environmental education to community residents, teachers, students and parents. Through educational workshops, classroom learning, on-line community forums, and interactive tools, WE-LAB seeks to motivate community wide water/energy-saving behaviors and foster long-term environmental stewardship through money-saving actions.

Our Impact

WE-LAB demonstrates the power of WE. As a community, we can take concrete steps to change water and energy use patterns and reduce our regional greenhouse gas emissions.


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WE-LAB workshops (or “labs”) provide engaging science-based, Water-Energy Nexus information to South Florida residents explaining how decreasing the demand for energy and water can positively affect air quality and improve the water supply.

At the workshop, participants are provided with:

  • An overview of the Water-Energy Nexus

  • Information on how the Nexus has an impact on our community and nation

  • The role water and energy use have on GHG, air pollution, water supply, and maintaining resource reliability

  • How personal energy and water use behaviors can prevent greenhouse gas pollution and degradation of local bodies of water.

Participants also receive a FREE WE-LAB Toolkit (valued at $50) which includes a water efficient showerhead, faucet aerators, a shower timer, leak detection tablets, light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, and Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs allowing them to take immediate action at home to save water and energy. Toolkit contents may vary by city/county.

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WE-LAB Sponsors

Miami-Dade County
The Miami Foundation