SchoolPool CoolPool Week

  • Countdown to SchoolPool CoolPool week

    Monday January 29 – Friday February 2

To promote January’s monthly topic, Alternative Transportation, Dream in Green has partnered with South Florida Commuter Services SchoolPool, a program of the Florida Department of Transportation. SchoolPool is designed to educate students on the importance of alternative modes of transportation.  The month’s challenge will culminate with the SchoolPool CoolPool week from January 29th thru February 2nd, where all students are encouraged to utilize alternative modes of transit on their way to and from school.  The Green Teams with the highest participation in the week long challenge will receive Miami Heat Tickets (Family 4 Packs).

Take Action

Step 1 – Introduce the students to alternative modes of transportation and show the instructional videos at the bottom of this page to learn about proper use and benefits.

  • Carpooling – Sharing the ride to work or school with others, going to the same place or nearby.
  • Walking – The act of traveling by foot.
  • Biking – The act of traveling on a bicycle.
  • Public Transportation – Shared transportation service available to the public.

Step 2 – Students will draw, write a short essay (250 words min), or record a short video explaining how alternative mode(s) benefits our planet. Submit these to

Step 3 – Students participate in SchoolPool CoolPool Week from January 29th thru February 2nd. For CoolPool, students will need to use one or more of the alternative modes when traveling to or from school throughout the week, and document the trips with photos.

  • Elementary Schools

    Teacher Champions will download the transportation log sheet in order to record their students alternative transportation trips throughout the CoolPool Week.

    Submit any log sheets to at the end of the week.

  • Middle Schools

    Teacher Champions will be provided a CoolPool card with a barcode to their attention by the 3rd week of January to give to their students that will serve to track student trips during the week.  Teachers should hand-out these CoolPool cards to students who will participate in CoolPool week to take home to their parents.

    Parents will sign up their children by following these instructions:

    1. Download RideFlag app available in App Store or Google Play.
    2. On Home Screen, Select Dream in Green, then Middle School.
    3. Create a profile for your child(ren) and scan the barcode below when prompted.
    4. When your child leaves for school select the transportation mode they will use.


    1. Download RideFlag app available in App Store or Google Play.
    2. Upon arrival at school, your child’s teacher will scan their CoolPool card.
  • High Schools

    Students will download the RideFlag app directly onto their iphone or android phone and record the information about their trip directly.

    Teachers have the option to download the transportation log sheet and collect the information manually. Please submit these log sheets to

  • Walking Safely

  • Biking on sidewalks

  • TriRail

  • Metrobus

Sponsored by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation