Green City Challenge

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Are you ready to go beyond the school walls?

The Green City Challenge, cialis canada treat  presented by the Coral Gables Museum, there  is a program within the Dream in Green Academy intended to serve schools who are ready and interested in looking beyond the school walls to explore environmental issues at a city-wide scale.

Monthly Challenges for participating schools will follow the themes established by the Dream in Green Academy. Some of the monthly challenges will require bus and admission fees. Review the Academy Curriculum for details.

The Dream in Green Academy will provide awards to schools who participate in the Green City Challenge program and earn the most points by the end of the school year.

What is the Green City Challenge? – Engaging, there  inspiring and empowering our youth for a sustainable future.

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Green City teaches K-12 students about environmentally sustainable design as it pertains to architecture and urban planning in South Florida and beyond. The Coral Gables Museum’s exhibits and urban location provide prime opportunities to explore green topics in the civic arts – from native plants and eco-friendly building materials to public transportation and sea level rise. Each field experience will include a city or exhibit tour, group discussion and design activity.

The Green City Challenge mission is to:

  • Heighten environmental consciousness in the minds of children
  • Introduce the civic arts disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, design, urban planning as well as historic and environmental preservation and sustainable development
  • Help students understand the complex relationship between the built and natural environment
  • Explain how sustainable design can be a solution to worldwide environmental threats
  • Empower students to affect positive change in their homes, communities and world

The Green City Challenge vision is to:

  • Create a generation of environmentally conscientious citizens, leaders and civic arts professionals.

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Winners of the 2015-2016 Green City Challenge

  •  1st Place
    E. W. F. Stirrup Elementary

  • 2nd Place
    Dr. E. L. Whigham Elementary

  • 3rd Place
    Joella C. Good Elementary