• GSC/WE-LAB Teachers Share Success at Dream in Green’s Mid-Year Meeting

    On January 16, teachers implementing the Green Schools Challenge (GSC) and Water and Energy Learning and Behavior (WE-LAB) came together at the program’s Mid-year Meeting to share success stories regarding energy and water conservation and waste reduction at K-12 schools in Miami-Dade County. This program was kindly sponsored by the Carton Council and Miami-Dade County […]

  • Miami Talks About the Future of Water – “We Have to Get It Right!”

    On December 10, 2014, American University Center for Environmental Policy and the Everglades Foundation co-hosted a forum to discuss initiatives in Florida and nationwide to address water quality issues from a policy perspective and as a market-based approach.  The event is part of a series of dialogue sessions on “The Future of Water,” presented by the […]

  • Kids Can Too – An Intro to College Ready Recycling

    By Michael Joseph Green The average kid has the clout and creativity to change the world, more than ever before. With their cell phones in hand, Internet at their fingertips, and access to instant data, today’s youth process information faster than ever. They increasingly understand information more clearly than their predecessors and at an earlier age. […]

  • Did you know that you vote everyday?

    Greg Hamra The world is filled with passionate, green-hearted, environmentally conscious people who recognize the immensity of our world’s problems, who see a world spinning out of control. They want to do something about it. They must do something about it.  Some are driven to support educational institutions like Dream in Green or Everblue, to spread […]

  • Dream in Green Wins Awards on Earth Month

    During the spring, Dream in Green (DIG) received recognition for its excellence in programming work by two prestigious organizations, EarthDay Miami and the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. At its fourth annual Green Means Green Awards, The Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce honored DIG the “Green Machine” award for its work as a lead organization in helping schools reduce their […]

  • Robert Morgan Educational Center Students Host Earth Day Celebration, Educate School-Wide Population

    On April 24 Robert Morgan Educational Center celebrated Earth Day 2014 by hosting a school-wide Eco-Summit. The celebration, held during the students’ lunch period, helped to raise awareness about actions that protect the environment. The school’s Green Team, the Science National Honor Society (SNHS), received a $500 grant through Dream in Green’s Green Leadership program […]

  • E.W.F Stirrup Elementary Students Host Eco-Summit and Arbor Day Celebration

    On April 25 E.W.F. Stirrup Elementary celebrated Arbor Day at their annual school Eco-Summit, the final activity of the Green Schools Challenge (GSC). The Eco-Summit kicked-off with a tree planting ceremony and included facility staff, teachers, students, the school Principal, Dr. Hernandez, as well as special guests from Perris Ellis and Dream inGreen. This year, the event featured a unique […]

  • Water Testing

    Dream in Green Schools Win Back-to-Back Samsung Education Contest

    Have you ever considered how math and science might benefit the environment? Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow National Education Contest focuses on how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education can help the environment. Last year Leewood K-8 Center won the contest and this year G.W. Carver Middle also won. Both schools are part of the Green Schools […]

  • Urban Paradise Guild

    Creating Sustainable Paradise, One Habitat at a Time!

    Written by Sam Van Leer, Founder of Urban Paradise Guild Urban Paradise Guild (UPG)was created to put the tools in your hands, so you can be the change you wish to see in the world. We offer volunteer opportunities every day of the week! Every UPG project protects Miami from the causes, and sometimes the […]

  • Sustainable Energy for a Warming Planet

    Written by John Parker, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Science, Florida International University Many scientists think that climate change is the most serious long-term threat to natural ecosystems and human society, posing a global risk to human health, water supplies and food security.  97% of climate-change scientists agree that global warming is caused primarily by carbon […]

  • EWF Stirrup

    Students Take the Environmental Sustainability Message Home and to their Communities!

    As we approach the end of the program cycle, GSC Green Teams are ramping up efforts to continue to save water and energy and spread the environmental sustainability message learned from exciting monthly challenge activities relating to our six core topics: Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Water Conservation, Waste Reduction & Recycling, Alternative Transportation, Green Careers and […]

  • Carbon Footprint for Dummies

    Carbon Footprint for Dummies, and I’m the Dummy-in-Chief

    Via Melissa Hunsberger, GSC Coordinator Carbon emissions, carbon footprint and carbon offsetting; scientists and environmentalists use these terms often, but I imagine that few of us, myself included, have taken the time to investigate each of their meanings or how they play a role in our daily lives. Starting at the beginning is usually a […]